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Mechanical Testing

Sales Systems Ltd. offers mechanical testing services for machined components, internal and external fasteners as well as round machined parts. Our testing labs are equipped Baldwin universal tensile machines and Mitutoyo hardness testing equipment.

Some mechanical tests that we perform include checking tensile strength, hardness, ductility, and stress durability of fasteners or metal products. All tests comply with relevant ASTM, Mil-spec, and SAE specification standards.

Our services are ISO 9001-2008 certified and employed in numerous marine and fastener applications. Sales Systems Ltd. is also a member of the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA).

Fasteners and round machined specimens

Industries Served
Fastener, Marine, Shipbuilding, Machine Shops

Mechanical Testing Capabilities  · Equipment List  · Standard Test Methods  · Quality Certification  · Professional Associations  · High Profile Client History  · Maximum Part Sizes  · Software  · Experience  · Test Report Documentation

Mechanical Testing Capabilities
  • Axial/Wedge Tensile
  • Full Size Tensile and Yield
  • Ductility (Elongation And Reduction Area)
  • Proof Or Cone Proof Load (Nuts)
  • Proof Load (Bolts And Studs)
  • Hardness (Rockwell)
  • Stress Durability (Torque Method)
  • Bend and Torque Test
  • Lock Washer Mechanical
  • Magnetic Permeability

  • Equipment List
    • Baldwin Universal Tensile Machine (60,000 lbs capacity)
    • Instron Satec Universal Tensile Tester (135,000 Lbs Capacity), Using Partner™ Universal Materials Testing Software
    • Mitutoyo Hardness Tester (C And B Scale)
    • Buehler Micro-Hardness Tester (400x magnification)
    • Torque Wrench Capacity up to and including 2,000 ft lbs

    Standard Test Methods
    • ASTM F606 Standard Test Methods for Determining the Mechanical Properties of Externally and Internally Threaded Fasteners, Washers, and Rivets
    • ASTM A370 Tensile Testing and Bend Testing Steel Reinforcing Bar
    • ASTM E8 Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials
    • ASTM E18 Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials
    • MIL-STD-1312-5A Stress Durability for Externally Threaded Fasteners
    • MIL-STD-1312-8A Fastener Pull-Thru Strength
    • FFW-84 Lock Washer Testing Procedure

    Quality Certification
    ISO 9001-2008 Certified by National Quality Assurance (NQA)

    Professional Associations
    • National Quality Assurance (NQA)
    • Collaborative Testing Service (CTS)
    • American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT)
    • ASTM
    • SAE
    • Virginia Ship Repair Assn (VSRA)

    High Profile Client History
    Western Branch Metal, LLC
    specialize in aqualoy marine propeller shafting which is used in a wide variety of applications including work boats, pleasure craft, high performance boats, naval craft and other ocean going vessels. Sales Systems, Ltd. testing division is able to provide the service to meet our customer’s need from testing sample preparation for mechanical testing to the final certification report.

    Stillwater Fasteners, Inc.
    is a fastener manufacturer. SSL performs full size mechanical testing on the final product.

    Maximum Part Sizes
    Full Size Studs/Bolts:
    • Grade 2: 1 3/8”-8 UNC Maximum
    • Grade 5: 1 1/4"-7 UNC Maximum
    • Grade 8: 1 1/8”-7 UNC Maximum
    • 1/4”-20 UNC to 1 3/8”-8 UNC
    Heavy Hex Nuts:
    • 1 1/8”-8 UNC Maximum
    Round Machine Specimen:
    • 0.115” - 0.500” Diameter

    Partner™ Universal Materials Testing Software

    Designed and written for the Windows® platform, Partner Software combines ease-of-use and multitasking capability within the materials testing environment. Partner helps manage and streamline the entire testing process from entering pre-test parameters to result calculation. The end result is a complete testing system which integrates easily with other business operations.
    • Seamless integration with Microsoft® Office Professional allows for custom reporting via Microsoft Access and Excel
    • Networkability, a database structure, and built-in e-mailing capability enables users to share test results easily with other departments or locations
    • User-selectable calculations, user-definable test tags, automatic or manual plot scaling, and trilingual calculations and measurement displays
    • Simple operation with a straight-forward user interface
    • Simple set up with Test Wizards
    • Application Test Wizards available for static tension, static compression, proof, fastener, spring, torsion, etc
    • Manageable results with four standard storage options and Microsoft Office Professional formats
    • Optional components developed especially for the power user enable testing professionals to design unique testing procedures, create custom calculations, build virtual measurements, and more

    • 20 years experience providing mechanical and NDT service
    • Level II NDE and Level II NDT Certification staff engineers
    • EIT Certification staff engineers

    Test Report Documentation
    Sales Systems, Limited provides test reports in accordance to LAA, latest revision. This procedure sets forth the minimum requirements for written test data and test reports sent to testing customers and test reports produced for Sales Systems, Limited. Test reports in accordance with the fastener quality act apply only when specified on customer contract documents.
    1. When test data is transmitted on test forms, the following information shall be provided. It may be shown on one or more of the test forms or suppliant form. All forms must be marked with the laboratory test number.
      1. Originator identified as “Sales Systems, Limited”
      2. Customer name and purchase order number (if used)
      3. Signature of laboratory manager or authorized representative
      4. Date of test or tests
    2. Formal test reports shall contain the following:
      1. Laboratory test number, page number and number of pages on each page
      2. A letter head that includes: “Sales Systems, Limited”, its street address, “Laboratory Testing Division”, “Test Report”, and the date of the report.
      3. The customer name, address and purchase order number if used. (This requirement does not apply when SSL is the customer).
      4. As complete item description as possible including:
        • Lot identification code and other identification numbers.
        • Product family (use IFI terminology where possible)
        • Dimension description including thread class and fit
        • Head markings (manufacturer and grade symbols)
        • Product specification (related to the laboratory in writing)
        • Specification that governed head treatment
        • Coating material, thickness and process applied.
        • The production lot size and the sample size made available to the laboratory for testing.
        • Manufacturer’s name and address.
      5. Test specification and procedures, including sampling.
      6. Name and affiliation of person doing lot sampling.
      7. Test required by product specification.
      8. Test and dates that test were performed, and number of items in each test.
      9. Measurements, examination derived results and uncertainty (where relevant).
      10. A description of test deviations, additions and deletions.
      11. “The test results relate only to the item(s) tested. This report shall not be reproduced, except in full, without the written approval of Sales Systems, Limited, Laboratory Test Division”. “The samples tested conform (do not conform), to specification requirements”, (when specification called out for testing.)
      12. Clear identification of any tests that was subcontracted.
      13. Corrected reports shall have the words “Corrected Report” immediately after the laboratory number and shall be dated the day of the correction.
    3. It is a policy of SSL that documents associated with test reports and test report development shall be identified as quality records and controlled as such.


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    ·  Sample Results from Tensile Testing

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