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Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screws

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General Note: This product, although a high strength precision fastener, is recommended for lighter fastening applications. It is not suggested for use in critical high strength applications where socket head cap screws should normally be used. They are designed to be used in applications where head height clearance is a problem. Because of their reduced head height, and smaller socket size, they normally cannot be properly preloaded as a standard socket cap screw and should not be subjected to high dynamic loads.
  • Nominal Size. Where specifying nominal size in decimals, zeros preceding decimal and in the fourth decimal place shall be omitted.
  • Body. The term body refers to the unthreaded cylindrical portion of the shank for those screws not threaded to the head.
  • Head Diameter. Heads shall be plain, not knurled.
  • Head Chamfer. The top of the head shall be flat. The intersection of the top of the head and side of the head may be chamfered or radiused within the limits of C, at the manufacturer's option.
  • Bearing Surface. The plane of the bearing surface shall be perpendicular to the axis of the shank, with a maximum deviation of one degree, obtained by holding the screw on the body or major thread diameter within one dia. of the bearing surface of the head, but beyond the maximum

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Item #


Nominal Size or Basic Screw Dia.

Max. (D)

Max. (A)

Max. (H)

Nom. (J)

Min. (T)

LHHSCS01120XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.1120" Nominal Dia. No. 4 0.1120 in 0.183 in 0.059 in N/A 0.038 in
LHHSCS01250XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.1250" Nominal Dia. No. 5 0.1250 in 0.205 in 0.065 in 1/16 in 0.044 in
LHHSCS01380XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.1380" Nominal Dia. No. 6 0.1380 in 0.226 in 0.072 in 1/16 in 0.050 in
LHHSCS01640XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.1640" Nominal Dia. No. 8 0.1640 in 0.270 in 0.085 in 5/64 in 0.060 in
LHHSCS01900XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.1900" Nominal Dia. No. 10 0.1900 in 0.312 in 0.098 in 3/32 in 0.072 in
LHHSCS02500XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.2500" Nominal Dia. 1/4 in 0.2500 in 0.375 in 0.127 in 1/8 in 0.094 in
LHHSCS03125XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.3125" Nominal Dia. 5/16 in 0.3125 in 0.437 in 0.158 in 5/32 in 0.110 in
LHHSCS03750XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.3750" Nominal Dia. 3/8 in 0.3750 in 0.562 in 0.192 in 3/16 in 0.115 in
LHHSCS04375XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.4375" Nominal Dia. 7/16 in 0.4375 in 0.625 in 0.223 in 7/32 in 0.135 in
LHHSCS05000XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.5000" Nominal Dia. 1/2 in 0.5 in 0.750 in 0.254 in 1/4 in 0.151 in
LHHSCS06250XXX Low Head Hexagon Socket Cap Screw, 0.6250" Nominal Dia. 5/8 in 0.6250 in 0.875 in 0.316 in 5/16 in 0.250 in
  Results 1 - 11 of 11 1 
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