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Item # SFCHCS04375XXX, Slotted Flat Countersunk Head Cap Screw, with 0.4375" Body Dia.

  • Where specifying nominal size in decimals, zeros preceding the decimal and in the fourth decimal place shall be omitted.
  • Tabulated values were determined from the formula for maximum H
  • No tolerance for gaging diameter is given. If the gaging diameter of the gage used differs from the tabulated value, the protrusion will be affected accordingly, and the proper protrusion values shall be recalculated using the formulas shown in Appendix.

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Industrial Fasteners Institute



Slotted Cap Screws

Unit of Measure


Nominal Size or Basic Screw Dia.

7/16 in

Nominal Size or Basic Screw Dia. (Decimal)

0.4375 in

Max. Body Dia. (E)

0.4375 in

Min. Body Dia. (E)

0.4310 in

Max. Edge Sharp Head Dia. (A)

0.812 in

Min. Edge Rounded or Flat Head Dia. (A)

0.736 in

Ref. Head Height (H)

0.210 in

Max. Slot Width (J)

0.094 in

Min. Slot Width (J)

0.081 in

Max. Slot Depth (T)

0.103 in

Min. Slot Depth (T)

0.068 in

Max. Fillet Radius (U)

0.175 in

Max. Protrusion Above Gaging Dia. (F)

0.065 in

Min. Protrusion Above Gaging Dia. (F)

0.044 in

Gaging Dia. (G)

0.703 in

Codes and Standards

Codes and Standards

ASME B18.6.2 1998

Distributor of Industry Standard and Military Specification Threaded Fasteners